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2011 tests in Alberta include
Field Tests (TD, TDX) – Edmonton (September) and Alberta Beach (May and October)
Urban Tests (UTD and UTDX) – Calgary (June)
Schutzhund Tests – Prairie Regionals – June – Calgary; Edmonton – September, Calgary – October

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This will be kept current as tests are added to the CKC website (members only access). Keep checking for more updates!

Rottie National Test

JoAnne Mcleod (Judge) and Jason Giso (tracklayer) follow an entrant into the field at the Rottie Nat'l tracking test, photo by Erich Kunzel

Another tracking season is coming to an end. Congratulations to the trial hosts for successful events, and to the participants! Thanks to the clubs and tracklayers for offering tracking venues to the trackers out there.

There were many new TDs, TDXs and even a UTD earned by Alberta trackers this season. And many people traveled to Alberta to enjoy success and warm hospitality at the tests held in the spring and fall.

In Schutzhund Tracking, Alberta’s own Dan Waters, President of the GSD Club of Calgary SchH Club, placed 5th overall at the Canadian Nationals and earned a place on the World Team! Dan declined the spot, enabling the next person on the list to step up and represent Canada in Germany. Way to go Dan and GSD Ali vom Daeschel SchH 3 on a huge accomplishment.

Planning is underway already for tests and seminars next year. Anyone wishing to have information posted here please email me at spiritdance@shaw.ca and I will be happy to put it on the blog.

WordPress publishing gives you automatic stats on a blog. Stats show that 7-10 people visit this blog nearly every day from across Canada, but mostly within Alberta. At the time of writing, over 1300 people have visited this blog – I hope it has been useful! The top searches for information are:

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For those of you looking for this info, CKC regulations are available online for members, and anyone can purchase them directly from the CKC . The rules for CKC tracking tests are a standard across Canada.

Craig Green has just judged his last AKC tracking test in Chuckanut WA and recently announced his retirement from judging, much to the dismay of trackers in the US and Canada. His articles are available online, click here.

The Rottweiler Club of Canada actively promotes versatility and offers many performance activities at their Nationals. So do many other breed clubs, but apparently a lot of you are looking for Rottie info!

Thanks to those of you who voted in the polls below. The results show that the majority of people who voted have a TD, and the largest group of trackers in the province is focused around Calgary. You can view results by clicking on the link below each poll – and if you haven’t voted please do!

If anyone has suggestions to make the blog more useful, please drop me a line.

Here are a couple of photos from tests this year, to add to spring photos from earlier posts.

More photos are welcome of course!

If you track in the winter, remember to play it safe. Anyone wishing some information / handouts about winter tracking is welcome to contact me privately. Winter is a great time to get a visual on tracks, and this can help your handling and understanding immensely.

TDX 3 Chance Barb Frank

Successful TDX Chance and Barb Loree (owner) with Frank Novak (tracklayer) at the CKC test in Beaumont, Greg Martin, Judge. Host, Edmonton SchH Club

Have a wonderful winter, and remember this is your blog, so if there is anything you’d like posted, I’d be happy to add the info for you.

Sue Coghlan, the editor for Canuck Dogs for BC, the Prairies and Ontario says she is more than happy to post the opening and closing dates as long as people provide her with the information. Sending her a premium is the easiest thing to do, as soon as it is out. The premium for a CKC tracking test must be out a minimum of 30 days prior to the acceptance date. For a complete list of premium requirements, refer to the regs, pages 7-8 or contact me. Here is Sue’s info

Sue Coghlan
BC, Prairies & Ontario Editor, Canuck Dogs
sue@canuckdogs.com -or-

From the GSDSCC website

From the GSDSCC website

This photo is from the GSDSCC website – http://www.2009nationals.ca/index.php?catid=1 

showing the potential conditions for the tracking tests which begin on Thursday and run to Saturday. Many of our Alberta Schutzhund enthusiasts are entered in the trials which will include tracking, obedience and protection.

The championships take place in Chilliwack. Tracking judge is Doug Deacon of BC, who judged a SCH trial in Calgary this spring.

Good luck to everyone!

July 14 Bragg Creek, Judge Jo-Anne Mcleod, BC
July 14 Bragg Creek, Judge Jo-Anne Mcleod, BC

This photo was taken at the Rottweiler Club of Canada National Specialty Tracking test, by Erich Kunzel. Following the handler and tracklayer (Jason Giso) into the field is the test judge Jo-Anne Mcleod of Courtenay BC.

Anyone with details on the results, please let us know!
I heard it was very cold that day! Hopefully it was a good day for tracking.

Hello test secretaries! Please make sure to send me your premiums when ready, and let me know the acceptance dates for your tests. I have sent a note to Canuck Dogs asking that they also post acceptance (opening) dates, rather than publicize the closing dates. You need to aim for the acceptance date to get into a tracking test, since tests can only accept a limited number of dogs.